Thank you to coaching client E., who touched my heart with this response to a recent assignment: to forgive whomever she’s still holding hostage in her heart. She was instructed to write a list of whom and what  she’s forgiving. No more can she loathe herself as she is releasing the blame that lives deep inside of her own body. This is what she’d sent.

ArtofAsana-LeadI forgive my insecurities.
I forgive my Dad for his Temper.
I forgive my Stepmom for feeling overwhelmed and for holding grudges.
I forgive M for competing with me.
I forgive myself for competing with her.
I forgive myself for being “fake.”
I forgive myself for not sticking with something.
I forgive myself for having a hard time committing.
I forgive myself for needing to attract many people and to get their approval.
I forgive myself for wanting to look and be the best at something.
I forgive myself for blaming my husband and my children for my lack of commitment.
I forgive myself for being so hard on myself that I create tumult when none exists.

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  1. This is great. I think I may have to try this exercise myself. I think I may have to do it on a daily basis for the first while–lots of things may come up…

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