To my mother, hers, to hers and to hers; to all the mothers across this earth,
“The most important prayer,
the prayer that comes from the deepest wisdom, is

-Sylvia Boorstein

1 thought on “Mothers”

  1. Hello ~ ! I made a mother puja today, after viewing your post… I do not know how to post an image so please view the image on my blog:

    Thank you for the inspiration to create a puja in my home, my mother’s home, as a gesture of healing, love, devotion and deep gratitude.

    I am eternally grateful to my mother who has shown me the fire in her eyes and the light in her heart. Both which have lit the fire within mine and have helped reveal to me the wildness, the beauty within me, that which there is always more of to receive. Also ~ L O V E. My biological mother and all my mothers have displayed to me LOVE in so many wildly different forms, I will for the rest of my life be in awe of what love can expand to be for any given moment or situation that it is needed, offered, received.

    A joyous dance from the very endless depths of my heart to all our mothers, embodied and otherwise, with us always! JLA

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