Reactions are just moments when we’re not in relationship.
Reactions are moments when we are resisting the love,
when we are choosing to be separate.

Choose to RELATE to the person in front of you.
Be a kid. Build a bridge. No more running.

Cherry Blossom Yoga, Spring 2011. Photo: Chris Gindlesperger

6 thoughts on “Relate”

  1. love this. a great reminder of how much we can learn from our children. elena: thank you so much for helping me to be a better mom and person. your posts are always so super useful.

  2. Love this page. Thanks for an incredible class on Saturday!

    PS I am in a 3 month life coaching intensive and your reminder towards the agreements we make was spot on.

    I am back in bay area and hope to see you in NY when I return!


  3. LOVE this Elena.
    Thank you for the reminder
    for always sharing your truths
    and for be a steady example of how to engage deeper in the experience of life!

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