The Whole Thing

“This is the whole thing. To listen to the voice of the Heart.” -Rodney Collin

6 thoughts on “The Whole Thing”

  1. You have such a loving way. I admire your ability to be diplomatic. Thank you for teaching me. And for sharing your life in such a public way. You are a true inspiration on many levels.

  2. wonderful, brave, loving elena… you’ve articulated precisely why i never chose to move from anusara-inspired to anusara-certified. my practice and my teachings are also “entirely informed” by the UPAs…while i am also touched by “potent understandings” from other voices and wisdoms. i deeply respect this movement and announcement.

  3. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend your class with my son who lives in New York while you had made this tremendous breakthrough in your practice.
    I practice Connected Riding ( and iyengar yoga, it’s all about alignement. And now from alignement I have had the joy of being ushered into repose and gentleness.
    Today I welcomed a client at the stables ( I do therapy assisted by horses) and this gentle man who has just learned that he has Lou Garret’s disease and is watching himself lose control of tongue, nose, fingers walked while resting the four corners of his feet on the good earth and rested his cripling hand on my beautiful horses heart. He then let his face rest in my gentle hands and then in his. He is 68 and is a farmer. A simple, loving husband who learned that he could rest in the arms of gentleness under his feet and all around him. This session I did in New York with you Saturday has open the gate of rest in alignement. Namaste, we are one !
    ps; you can see my beautiful horse here

  4. your grace, wisdom and love are so clear and evident. you are such an inspiration. thank you for sharing your life, thoughts and love with us. i can’t even begin to tell you how much it means. i’m forever grateful. with much love…trish

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