Yoga Collection: New Blends from doTERRA

When doTERRA asked me to help develop a Yoga Collection, comprised of three new blends for Yoga and Meditation, I pored over the science as well as the emotional aspects of the Oils, made lists of the single Oils I felt would lend themselves to these three blends, and together with the team, spent almost an entire year formulating and refining.

The honour of presenting these blends to thirty thousand doTERRA Advocates at Convention was tremendously transformative, and these blends have become an integral aspect of our practices and teaching since.

ANCHOR, ALIGN and ARISE are optimal – for your practice, your teaching, your sharing, and your daily living. Crafted with care, patience and clarity of intention, may these blends serve you, your work and your living for many moons to come. Each blend is diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil, so you may use confidently and safely.

Essential Education Study Session on the Yoga Collection

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doTERRA Yoga Collection

ANCHOR grounds, attunes and refines your capacity to listen and steady yourself. Great to start a practice, on hands, pulse points, inner arms, feet (if you’ll be sitting for a few minutes, until it is absorbed). Try this with Seated Meditation, Seated Twists, and Bhu Mudra (one hand to heart, other hand fingertips to the Earth).

  • Lavender:  calming, communication
  • Cedarwood:  grounding, community
  • Frankincense:  healthy neurological function, valuing truth
  • Cinnamon Bark:  feelings of harmony and acceptance of self
  • Sandalwood:  devotion, reverence, respect, release from overthinking
  • Black Pepper:  emotional honesty, courage, self-awarenesss
  • Patchouli:  physical presence, release of self-judgment,  grounding

ALIGN centers, opens and enhances your capacity to come back to the heart of the matter. Perfect to use mid-practice, perhaps as you or your students are taking a seat to absorb what they’ve accomplished thus far. Lovely for postures like Warrior III, Triangle

  • Bergamot: self-acceptance, self-esteem, optimism
  • Coriander:  integrity, bravery, true to self
  • Marjoram:  connection, trust, openness, safety
  • Peppermint:  emotional buoyancy, invigorating, uplifting
  • Geranium:  love & trust, forgiveness, overcoming grief,  emotional honesty
  • Basil:  renewal, energy, brings strength to the heart, softening to the mind
  • Rose:  higher love, compassion, wholeness
  • Jasmine:  passion, healthy intimacy, safety

ARISE enlightens, brightens, and uplifts. For your heart, your third eye (as long as you’re not going to the sunlight soon after your practice, as it contains citrus which are sun-sensitive), top of your head. I love a few drops on my forearms just before sun salutes or standing side stretch. Also perfect for diffusing and for your diffusing jewelry.

  • Lemon: uplifting and clarifying, joyful
  • Grapefruit:  honouring the body, energizing
  • Siberian Fir:  supports clearing generational patterns
  • Osmanthus:  eases feelings of sadness
  • Melissa:  enlightenment, joy of living, eases feelings of overwhelm

Using Essential Oils in Your Yoga Routine with Elena Brower

Images by Rob Hanks

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  1. You are fabulous. I have not practiced yoga but after your presentation which was a wow factor for many, i am ready to start at the beginning.

    Thank you for developing this amazing collection,
    forever grateful

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